Top 6 Specialty Filipino Snacks and Beer Match

Top 6 Specialty Filipino Snacks and Beer Match

Filipino party is always buzzing because of karaoke, overflowing food, and drinks. However, when it comes to drinking, there's always a set of favorites that anybody should be aware of. 

1. Boy Bawang - a garlicky snack made of crunchy deep fried corn. 

2. Fish Crackers - these are addicting fish chips. Always pair well with vinegar!

Golden Fish Cracker Hot & Spicy 200g


3. Growers Garlic Peanuts - Perfect for parties, Growers Peanuts deliver that garlic savory taste you crave and the superior quality you expect. These are ideal crunchy complement for any beer or soft drinks. It's also perfect for eating while on the go.

Growers Peanut Original Garlic 80g

4. Salted Egg Potato Chips - is not your ordinary, and boring potato chips. It has those magical Salted Egg dust flavouring that is dangerously addicting. 

Crackle Salted Egg Potato Chips 70g

5. Pork Rinds are not only great for snacking but as topping to favorite dishes like palabok, monggo (mung beans), and lomi!


6. Barbeque Chippyincredibly crunchy corn chip featuring a barbecue flavour that will delight your senses.  Chippy has become a go-to comfort snack around the world.  Pair these chips with a refreshing beverage for the perfect snacking experience.




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