Copper Masks 2.0 | The Classiest, and Fashionable Protective Masks | Design Your Own and Washable


Why Copper Masks?🎭

CopperMask has an antimicrobial film with infused copper strands and is effective to kill 99.9% of different bacteria and viruses.

Here are the benefits of CopperMask

  • Strong antimicrobial layer
  • Helps kill 99.9% of germs
  • Superior bacteria exterminator effect
  • Comfortable respiration
  • Complete prevention of saliva droplets
  • Helps prevent dermatitis and allergies
  • Harmless to humans

What's in the box?

- 1pc CopperMask Antimicrobial Film 2.0 with 10pcs Non-Woven Fabric Filter
- 1Box can be used for 30 days

 How many days can I use Coppermask?

30 days.

Is Coppermask washable?

Yes. The antimicrobial film face mask is reusable and washable. The non-woven fabric filter is also washable up to 2x and good for 3 uses.

How many non-woven fabric filters?

It has 10 pcs. of non-woven fabric filters per box.


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